Living The Dream – Part 4 of 2

By | June 18, 2006

This story was originally meant to consist of two parts. Everyone enjoyed it so much I expanded the original idea to six parts. Links to the other five installments are here. Read them on their own or as a whole.

I could only see the back of Alex’s head descending upon her pussy as he pulled her thong to the side. She sighed and pushed her hips towards him, raising her ass of the upholstery. Alex grasped her by both hips as if eating a piece of melon and pushed his face deep into her open thighs. He started to lap at her and she began to buck against his tongue. Her hands gripped the back and side of the chaiselongue as she enticed him to fuck her with his tongue. I was now starting to feel slightly delirious, I had probably taken in too much oxygen with the excitement of the situation. I need to fuck but who? The strap on was waiting and ready for action on the chair. How I would love to fuck Terri with her legs up around my ears, so that I could look down on her and watch that prosthetic cock fuck her pussy.

I’d have her begging me to stop as I rammed her so hard, watching her tits bounce up and down with each thrust. I had never fucked a girl with a strap-on before or a guy for that matter. Maybe I could fuck her and then insert it deep inside Alex’s anus and slowly fuck him whilst Terri blew his cock. So many possibilities, If only I could free myself from these cuffs.

Alex was now finger fucking Terri and wow she was a screamer. “Oh, yes, yes, fuck me…harder…YES, just there…oh, my God I’m… She arched her back and Alex repositioned himself and fucked faster. Terri bucked and moaned, her toes curling back from the floor, Le Petit Mort clearly visible on her face. She fell back against the cushion and Alex withdrew his hand and placed his finger tips against her lips. I wanted to taste her, I could smell her, I could see her moist pussy from between Alex’s legs.

She licked greedily at his fingers and then sucked them in to her mouth. Alex pulled them out for a quick taste and then replaced them in Terris hungry mouth. The once red gusset of her thong was now deep blood red, wet with her orgasm, her thighs shimmering in the soft candle light. The smell of sex was heavy in the air. It kept returning to me in waves like a craving. I needed to fuck.

Terri was now recovering from the intensity of her first orgasm. She looked at Alex and smiled, then turned towards me and licked her lips, slow and deliberately. She was a without a doubt one girl I would love to engage in a threesome with. There was I thinking about threesomes and I couldn’t even get off the bed.

She raised herself from to the floor and took Alex’s hand and started to lead him over towards the bed. My heart started to race again. Were they going to let me join in some of this carnal fun? I was so excited that my body started to tremble.

She guided Alex to the chair by the bed and he picked up the strap-on. Is she going to fuck me again. Thoughts were racing around in my head. I felt heady, giddy a slight butterfly feeling in my stomach. Expectation I suppose. She placed her hand on his shoulder and pushed him gently back in to the chair. She started to crawl up the bed on all fours, legs straddling my torso. She kept on coming until she was level with my face and she licked my right cheek with one long stroke. Smiled and then placed her knees either side of my head. Her pussy was only inches from my face and I could feel the heat and moisture escaping from her sex.

The smell of her juices was filling my nostrils and my pussy was pulsing, flush with blood. She spun around and moved her knees down to just under my armpits, calves under my outstretched arms. Was she going to remove my gag and allow me to lick her moist fleshy folds? There was a small creak from the chair as Alex stood up and made his way across to the bed. What were they going to do to me? My heart was about to burst out of my chest, I’m sure this wasn’t good for my health.

He was now kneeling on the edge of the bed and his hardon was pointing right at me. I had been so preoccupied I hadn’t notice him masturbating in the chair beside us both. The tip of his cock dripped on to the brocade bed cover. A glistening drop of pre cum teasing me as it disappeared in to the cotton. Terri pulled her cum soaked gusset over to the right and I braced myself for my release.

Alex move in above my head and placed his knees either side of my head, gently grazing the wall with his left leg as he did so. His cock was bouncing up and down just above my nose. Another drop of pre-cum fell and spattered on to my chin. Terri started to wriggle her ass in the air as if adjusting her hips. Alex rubbed his hand on her wet slit and smeared his the head of his penis. Terri backed up a little and tilted her pelvis down, raising her arse higher in to the air. Her pussy was now clearly pouting and open and her aroma was captivating me. Alex moved forward and pushed the tip of his pulsing prick inside her. I watched as her lips spread around his ample dick and seemingly pulled him deeper in to her wet pussy.

They were now in genital union only inches from my face. I had a better view than any POV DVD could offer. He pushed all the way in to the top of his shaft, her ass bottoming out against his groin. Then a slow withdrawal, his cock coated in her cum. White concentric rings of her pussy juice coating Alex’s erection. Terri gave a little shudder and encouraged Alex with her “fuck me Alex”, demand. Neither of them wanting the sweet moment to arrive, but animal desire and lust taking over them both. He began to pound away at her. His balls were swinging to and fro above me, slapping against her arse with each impalement.

Alex adjusted himself for better entry, he was now on his right foot and his left knee. Slap, slap, slap,slap…”Alex, that feels so good, ahhhh!”. I couldn’t see the expression on his face from this angle but his posture was concurring that he was enjoying the fuck too. Have you ever been this close to a couple fucking before? If not you have to try it, the visuals are out of this world and I’m sure that I came. No manual stimulation, no penetration, just watching.

“Yes, yes, YES!”, Terri screamed and her legs began to tremble as she lurched forward to steady herself. I love a vocal orgasmer (ies that a word 🙂 ), it always worries me if someone represses their inner most pleasure, denial is not how I like sex. With a last thrust and slap of balls against ass Alex released his seed deep inside her. “Arghhhh, arghhhh”, followed by “Grrrrrrr”, as he dug his nails in to her pink buttocks.

With a shudder of sensitivity Alex withdrew his spent member from her swollen hole and let it dangle freely whilst he regained composure. Another drip fell upon my forehead this time. I so wanted to scoop it up with my finger and taste the combination of their fluids.

Terri crawled to the bottom of the bed and collapsed between my legs and Alex lay back next to me on the bed. Both sated but I had only just started. Moments passed and then both Alex and Terri set about releasing me from my bonds. Alex removed my ball gag and Terri offered me a bottle of water from her bag. Once my thirst was quenched I turned to look at Alex sprawled in the chair by the bed.

He must have guessed what I was thinking from the expression on my face and softly said…

“Darling, we are booked in for the night”.