Only Hardcore For Me Please

By | September 10, 2008

The first time I came across a Mills & Boon book was in my days at high school. There were a few of the girls in my class who got in to reading these romance books but at the time I recall thinking that they were soppy and very, very pink. Lol

Barbara Cartland type stuff all wrapped up in pretty pink bows.

At the time I had just discovered my mum’s choice of reading and was enjoying it far more. I managed to find her secret hiding place under the bed for her raunchy bedtime reading. And was provided with the literal delights of such spicey books as “Happy Hooker” and “Deep Throat”.

Yes, none of that mamby pamby romance for me, I was already in to hardcore reading even at that tender age. Strange nothing much has changed since then. Well, I suppose it has, since starting to review adult products here on the site I have been given several books to review.

This has renewed my passion for reading once more and I’m thoroughly enjoying a quick indulgence in paperback porn at lunchtime.

But today I was stopped in my tracks because Mills & Boon have updated their pretty pink reading with a new series of books. Claire Summerville Mill’s & Boon’s marketing director says that the books will be “more about sex for enjoyment” and that it doesn’t have to have an emotional connection between the heroes and heroines.

I’m still rather dubious about the use of heroes and heroines, that concept seems a little outdated to me, let’s hope that’s just semantics, but the idea of a range of books containing casual sexual encounters works. 😉 If that is what she is implying.

Uhm, I may have to give one a try just for old times sake…

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