Sex With Warrior Girls

By | December 20, 2011

WoW ElfTime was when elves were Santa’s little helpers. At Christmas they were working hard to load up the jolly red faced man’s sled with the toys the had toiled to make all year so he could deliver them to the good boys and girls.

Things it would seem have changed and thanks to World Of Warcraft, a role playing game on which I have poured not a little derision in the past, elves are now an altogether sexier type of fantasy character.

Case in point, the inset picture.

Getting lost in WoW is something that I can’t understand as the real world holds too many pleasure for me but bringing some of the elements from it into the real world via the medium of Cosplay is something that I’m actually warming too. Though you will not find me dressing up as a mage any time soon.