Fucking Like A White Rabbit

By | December 20, 2011

Grace SlickSomething tonight reminded me of my youth and my rock chick days and before I knew it I was hunting out old tracks on YouTube. It’s fatal, I can spend hours of my time on there looking up old track you always intended to buy and never got around to because you could borrow them from someone, in my case my boyfriend at the time.

He had a very well paid job and could afford a well stocked record collection which he replenished every week when something new caught his eye. One such band I really like listening to when we went out to our favourite bar which played really loud music through large wall mounted speakers you could get close up to.

It’s a wonder I still have my hearing these days. Lol The speakers were mounted behind my favourite game at the time, pinball. I was addicted to it and played away most of the night with the exception of the occasional bar visit and toilet trip. I could roll up the credits to such an extent that I paid for very few games.

Halcion days!

As part of my quest to revive my rock years I rediscovered White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. They played the record so frequently it’s a wonder that there were any grooves left on it. It was a favourite and guaranteed to get the whole room engaged.

I looked them up on Wikipedia and discovered that the lead singer was called Grace Slick and she turned 71 this October. That’s her in the top left corner. Happy belated birthday to her and congratulations to making it to that ripe old age the way they indulged back in the 60’s. She was friends with Janice Joplin and allegedly had an encounter with Jim Morrison so she really did well to survive.

It also came to my notice that it will be the 30th anniversary of Woodstock next year too. I wonder just how many of the old “stoners” are still around today. If I could go back in time, I would love the opportunity to have been there sat on the grass watching, how great that would have been.

Chilling out and fucking like a white rabbit 😉