Investigating The Glory Hole

By | September 11, 2008

Until recently I never really paid the glory hole any heed, I knew what it was for and that was enough. That was until I started to read a erotic short stories book at lunchtime yesterday, somehow they took on a different light and fascination for me.

Without going in to too much detail because I want to review this book in the coming weeks. The guy goes to a lapdancing club and is escorted out back to a cubicle where he discovers the glory hole, which he peers through in an attempt to check out who is in the adjacent room.

He can only make out a pair of slender, shapely, stocking clad legs through the opening. After unzipping his trousers and pushing his cock through the hole he receives the best foot wank he has ever encountered. This particular story was well written and obviously by someone with a deep interest or fetish in feet.

It made a change from the usual story themes and certainly got me nice and wet. And I’m not in to feet but the way he told the story really turned me on. The only problem being that I didn’t get chance to finish the story within my lunchtime and I had to put the book back in the glove compartment until tonight.

The thought of glory holes kept me going through the afternoon, I had all sorts of wild fantasies run through my head whilst pretending to be working. Sometimes I just wish I could have a cock for a day… *sigh*

Tags: anonymous sex, glory hole, casual sex