Sexperience ;)

By | September 11, 2008

The talk in the office today focused on the first program in a series aired on Channel 4 last night. Sexperience is billed as a sex education show and I don’t know how I came to miss it, not like me at all. Lol

I find now that when there is something on aimed at educating us in the world of sex and sexuality that I want to watch to see if they are telling me anything new or even better miss reporting.

Apparently last night’s show featured everything from tantric sex to perceptions of average cock size. Porn being to blame for the misconception that the average flaccid penis is larger than it really is and that plastic boobs are normal appendages for women to have.

This is a subject I had given quite a lot of thought to in the past. With plastic surgery becoming so common place, do we now expect that a typical pair of breasts stay put when we lay down and remain pert regardless of age. Expectations are becoming more and more man made.

Busty remarked that she was surprised to find out that condoms come in more than one size. I wasn’t and remarked to that effect. She also mentioned that at one point in the program parents were shocked at what their son had been viewing online but she didn’t know what they were reacting to as they didn’t show it.

I commented that not much shocks me these days but some people are shocked by anal sex because in their days it just didn’t take place. Which is true, not so long ago anal was hardly ever seen in porn and now it is passé. So to some that would shock.

She didn’t think it could be that, remarking that fucking is fucking wherever it was and that this must be something quite un-natural. At that moment a guy we talk to from upstairs came in to the office and enlightened us. They had watched a girl defecating on to a coffee table for a guy laying beneath.

“You mean Coprophilia or scat”, I remarked and then shut up quickly. I’m not supposed to know about things like that but it is so natural to come out with things when you know what they are. Nobody picked me up on it.

Busty went on to remark that a friend had once asked to take a crap on a coffee table by her ex-boyfriend. We all had a giggle and I was happy to be let off the hook, for a while I felt a bit obvious if you know what I mean.

Listening to them chat made me realise just how much I have learned along the last three years of my journey through the world of blogging, I feel much more enriched by the whole experience. Thanks to all of you who have continued to read us and a special thanks to Richard who sent me a nice email saying just how much he has enjoyed following us over the last three years. 🙂