Double Entry Brothel Fun

By | December 22, 2011

Hot GirlAs a child I became familiar with the saying “it’s always the quiet ones”.  For those unfamiliar with this saying it means you have to keep an eye out for the ones who keep themselves to themselves because they usually have hidden depths.

Take an accountant for example.  You envisage this person to be professional but above all a bit boring.  Accountants whether rightly or wrongly have always been associated with leading a predictable and monotonous  life.  I’ve known several and have to say they have done nothing to dispel this view.  I know there are always exceptions to the rule.  In fact I have a friend who works in accounts and she is as mad as a hatter.  Then again she’s not an accountant.  Lol

I’ve just been reading the story of accountant Leslie Baleham who became embroiled with a Chinese mistress called Ping Ping who had set up a brothel in the premises he rented out.  I know it sounds just like a sketch from David Walliams and Matt Lucas.  🙂

You can read the full story here. I’m sure you will never view your accountant in the same light again.  If you have one.