Uncomfortable Sexuality

By | December 23, 2011

Awkward GirlHaving sex with a girl and having her legs flailing around in the vicinity of your ears is great fun. Fishnets and high heals, jiggling boobs and deep penetration are the sort of thing that makes for a fun fuck. It does have its disadvantages though.

For me that sort of position doesn’t feel as intimate as one where I can feel her boobs on my chest, or reach out and touch her in other ways. In the flailing leg scenario I always seem to find myself grabbing an ankle, calf or thigh and using that grip to control my thrusts, so I can’t get too intimate. And then there’s penetration. Rolling your girl’s hips back like that when her legs are raised high repositions her vaginal canal and means that I have to moderate my thrusts to ensure it doesn’t become uncomfortable for my partner. There’s a line between pleasure and pain, being full and feeling too stretched that I don’t want to cross.

You only find that sort of thing out by doing it, not from a book. However the photographer who took the image above surely realised the girl was in a ridiculously awkward position. There are far more alluring and natural ways to display the beauty that is the human body. This pose just makes her look like she’s fallen off the step ladders while doing a bit of naked decorating.