French Porn

By | September 11, 2008

Goofy PornI just finished watching the last scene of a very good DVD by Marc Dorcel, one of his Hardmaster range called the Story Of Sophia.

It had an undertone of BDSM but only a light suggestion as apposed to a deep, dark one. The girls wore collars, jodpurs with riding crops and some great boots. And some of the guys wore balaclavas for no apparent reason, other than I suppose to add an air of mystery to the scene.

The scenes took part within a French chateau and one or two actually in the grounds. It was refreshingly different in both sets and themes.

But…yes, you knew there was a but coming didn’t you. And you were right. Never having seen a modern French porn film before I was totally unaware that they have to wear condoms. I must admit that this stole some of the excitement for me from the scenes. I’m all for safe sex but I thought that the porn industry regularly tested and certificated pornstars to keep them clean.

The French seem to have taken it one step further and insisted that for all penetrative scenes a condom is worn. It’s OK to be condom free for the blowjobs and come shots but not for any of the action.

And for me I have to admit that seeing a sheathed cock with its crumpled end being inserted in any girl orifice does not set the scene. I found it distracting to say the least, on every withdrawal I was watching for the end of the condom to become visible, that ring of rubber at the base of his cock.

It also means that all the come shots are on tits, ass, or mons and wanked out. I do like to see a freshly fucked pussy or ass with cum running from it, OK so some of it is probably lube but who cares.

This did however pose a question in my mind. Are the French public allowed to buy porn from other countries? I read a report from 2007 which claimed that they did not want to be seen to condone “delinquent” unprotected sex.

Can any of our French readers enlighten me as there seems to be very little literature on this subject available on the net.

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