Living The Dream – Part 5 of 2

By | June 26, 2006

I placed the water bottle on the bedside table and settled back on to the bed. Alex sat at the side of me, sweat glistening on his body, chest heaving with the breathlessness of his exertions. Terri slipped off the other side of the bed and reached for her bag.

“I must go”, she said rising to her feet. She had a tell tale glow about her, one of a woman satisfied. With that she headed towards the door. Alex leaned over me, right arm resting on the mattress. “You look so beautiful laying there naked, just waiting to be taken”, Alex whispered in to my right ear, his breath heating up my lobe and rekindling my inner fire.

The door closed against the jamb and Alex leaned over me taking in my very essence before opening his mouth and pressing his lips to mine. I wanted him so badly and couldn’t hold back any longer. I pushed my enquiring tongue inside his mouth and our tongues jostled for supremacy. He tasted sweet and still had Terri’s aroma around his face. I pushed my tongue deeper in to his mouth and rubbed my inner thighs together as my pussy started to replenish its moisture.

There was the sound of the door opening again. Terri must have decided to come back. I was too engrossed in Alex to open my eyes. His tongue was tasting my lips and wrapping around my tongue like a snake in the sexual act. I was becoming quite heady with the aroma of sex and the assault on my mouth.

What was that! Warm air on my pussy lips, now something wet and smooth pushing between my labia. It was a tongue, warm wet and probing. I gasped as it pushed deeper between my lips and up inside my sex. Hands were now resting on my inner thighs. My slit was being lapped like a dog. I began to raise my hips as the tongue flicked in and out of me. Hands supported my bottom as it flicked in and out like a viper.

My swollen bean was now being flicked by this expert tongue and I was now so close to cumming. I moaned deep inside Alex’s mouth as I started to let go and tremble with my first orgasm. It was so long awaited and so powerful. My arms and legs began to tingle then my whole body went in to a minor spasm as my juices began to flow. The mouth enclosed my pussy and audibly began to suck me clean as I came.

In the intensity of the moment I had broken free of Alex’s lips and I could now see under Alex’s right arm pit the wet face of my oral pleasure giver. To my surprise it wasn’t the lovely Terri at all. This was a guy, a very distinguished looking man perhaps in his mid to late 50’s greying slightly at the temple but toned and good looking.

He smiled back up at me. “Hi, I’m Jack”, he offered. I must have looked a little shocked seeing him there instead of Terri. I smiled back, “you know sure know how to bring a girl off”, I said. As he stood up at the foot of the bed. I must have sounded a little bit stupid but what do you say in those circumstances. He reached over for his robe which was thrown over the back of the chair and pulled out a little silver packet.

It was a condom. Alex had now straddled my body and was sucking on my left nipple. God, I love it when he flicks his tongue around it and then sucks the tip in to his mouth, taking me by surprise. Meanwhile Jack was rolling the condom down his now erect cock. My oh my, he was a big boy. I just caught site of it before Alex leaned in to kiss me again. “Aaagh!”, exclaimed Alex. The his body started to rock and our lips were pressed harder against each other.

I opened my eyes and there behind Alex was Jack on his knees. He was rocking forward and back head held high in the air and sucking deep breaths in to his nostrils. Alex has now mirrored his posture and his head was tilted up to the ceiling, mouth open and drooling slightly from the left side of his mouth. I pulled myself slightly up the bed until I had my head on the pillows and Alex was hovering over my feet.

My nipples were hard and my heart began once again to race. He was being fucked. Alex was being fucked from behind by Jack. I never imagined that I could have been so turned on seeing him being taken by another man. I felt naughty, no dirty just watching them, trying hard not to give away my arousal which was now audible as I excitedly pulled breaths of air in to my lungs. Jack had hold of both of Alex’s hips and was swinging in to him with a steady and deep rhythm.

Alex’s cock was swinging in the air and becoming harder by the thrust. Pre cum dripping from him like a tap. His balls were so high they were nearly returning to their pre-pubescent sanctuary. Jack was now thrusting quite fast and biting down on to his bottom lip, maybe holding back his orgasm. Alex was still facing the ceiling with eyes rolling to the top of his head and moaning out with the movement over his prostate.

I wanted to be fucked right here and right now, whilst watching the sexual act taking place in front of me. My pussy was again pulsing with desire and I spat on my finger before placing between my lips and on my clit. I began to gently rub it up and down with a “cum hither” finger flex. It felt so good and I was so ready. Now rubbing it from side to side and up and down again. Pulses of pleasure passed through my clit, though my whole body. My pussy was so swollen and moist.

My concentration was broken. “Oh fuck, oooohhhh” Jack’s voice called out. His face looked pained and he pulled air in between his teeth. He had come. Alex remained on all fours as Jack withdrew his cock. “Agghhh”, Alex exclaimed as Jack slid free. Alex’s cock was almost purple with blood and as hard as rock …

To be concluded.