Paris Hilton Goes Native

By | September 12, 2008

Paris HiltonWhen you thought that “reality” TV couldn’t get much worse you can always trust the ITV network to lower the bar a little further. Their latest show is all about the world famous socialite’s quest to find a new best friend on this side of the Atlantic.

It would be interesting to find out who came up with the format. Was it Paris Hilton and her publicity agent who thought her European profile could do with a bit of work. Or was it that ITV are so desperate for advertisers that they’re willing to pay for the cardboard cut out that is Paris Hilton.

Interesting definition of friend if you think about it. Total stranger from a foreign country who is hungry to get close to a celebrity and will probably do pretty much anything to be their best friend. Sounds more like a stalker than a friend.

If you want to read the gut-wrenchingly awful press release/PR page see it here at It also has information on how to apply, should you be interested.

You have to ask why doesn’t she just buy a new best friend like some other disgustingly rich heiresses and have done with it? Save us the pain of watching. Oh yes, that’s what the other buttons on the remote are for. Sadly I think a lot of people will be watching this.

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