Masturbation For Two

By | December 24, 2011

Naked EmbraceIt’s not surprising that a lot of people view a male masturbator as something that a man uses solo. After all for many people masturbation itself, let alone masturbation using a naughty little sex toy carries a lot of baggage from their upbringing, usually associated with “sin”.

Masturbation is about enjoyment and that doesn’t have to be one your own. With a partner you can masturbate while they watch, you can watch them too, or you can masturbate each other. This form of exhibitionism and voyeurism with or without the interactive element can just utilise your bodies, or sex toys.  Whichever way you choose to experiment you should try it with your partner, there’s huge potential for fun there.

There are times when necessity drives masturbation. Not a phrase you’ll often read or hear but it is true. During menstruation a lot of couples abstain from sex for a variety of reasons. Sometimes sex during menstruation is uncomfortable due to a lack of vaginal lubrication, it’s often messy and some men and women just don’t like the sight, smell and feel of blood.

Periods don’t curtail sex drive for either partner so what do you do. Well you could abstain for several days, but why should you. She can have a clitoral orgasm manually or with a sex toy. That doesn’t involve any penetration and if he needs release too then surely a hand job, administered by him or her, with or without a male masturbator is a fun way to relieve the frustration.