Drunken Sex With The Boss

By | December 25, 2011

PantiesAnyone going to a office Christmas Party this week? Christmas parties are dangerous because of the lack of inhibitions that consumption of alcohol engenders. And there can’t be a worse place to lose your self-control than in front of the people who might be deciding if you get a promotion or pay rise next year. Or can there?

I wouldn’t recommend making a pass at your boss to get ahead but they may be waiting for you to do just that. Of course if they are it could be just as detrimental to your career progression within the company; After all working with the person you are sleeping with is not without its perils. If you keep it between the two of you the secret is exciting, but the tension can rise. Stealing kisses in the office when you might get caught is great but one of you is going to want to go public at some point … and what then. Workmates are going to be highly sensitive to way that your relationship affects your behaviour towards each other and them.  It can be difficult.

However that’s the last thing you think about when you see the person you’ve been getting to know over the previous 12 months dressed in their best going-out gear and through and alcohol filter. In situations like that regrets are for tomorrow and while I wouldn’t want to encourage anyone to do something they would regret, especially if they or their Christmas love interest are already involved with someone else, what better time of year to let someone know how you feel?

Seriously, be sure before you do take her into the stationery cupboard for a drunken fumble. The consequences at work and in your existing relationships can be at best embarrassing and at worst seismically destructive.

Read some nice erotic fiction instead and make your move when you’re sober!