A Fuck Like Nothing On Earth

By | September 12, 2008

I don’t think it was anything to do with the Higgs Bosons that might have appeared at the LHC yesterday but we had great sex last night. Everything just felt right, which after a day working hard is unusual.

Don’t get me wrong, we have a great sex life, but when you have as much sex as we have you have to accept that not every time you make love is going to be perfect. If might just be that you’re both tired and want a quicky, or that the weather dictates the style of your lovemaking. For example winter lends itself more to snuggled under the covers sex than doing it out on the back garden, whereas in the height of summer dressing up can leave you wanting to pass out with heat stroke before you climax.

Most of the time our love making sits in the “very enjoyable” to the “grrrreeaat” range. Last night was in the “bloody unbelievable category – from my point of view at least, you’ll have to ask Suze how she felt. She appeared to enjoy it, but she could have been faking LOL.

It wasn’t a long, sensuous fuck in fact it was almost a quicky in our terms. I slid down the bed and molested her pussy with my tongue. Suze squirmed about, sometimes pressing her sex into my face, sometimes wriggling so much I had to chase her across the bed.

I was knelt at one side of her and could feel her hand massaging my balls and stroking my perineum as my cock stiffened.

A gentle tug on my hard member told me that Suze wanted to feel it inside her. She rolled lazily onto her side, allowing me to straddle her left leg and kneel with her right leg over my left thigh. And that was it, no complex gymnastics or award winning technique. Sometimes it just works.

In less than ten minutes Suze had orgasmed two or three times. I just asked her how many it was, but she wasn’t counting and when one runs into the next it’s difficult to keep score.

For me, a mere man, there was of course only one orgasm.

What an orgasm!

It was one of my growly ones. Wolf-like and as long lasting as I can remember. It felt so good to be inside Suze, the woman I love and have known for so long. I was full of desire and lust so when the orgasm hit me I was unable to do anything but express my rapture as a series of roars, growls and howls. My cock became immediately hyper-sensitive as soon as I had ejaculated which meant that even the slightest movement sent blue-electric shivers running through my body.

It went on and on for what seemed like several minutes. I was reluctant to withdraw from inside her, but eventually kissed Suze on the shoulder and rolled onto the mattress behind her spent and absolutely satisfied.