Take One Man Into The Shower!

By | September 12, 2008

Busty and I spent the day in the office on our own again on today. 😉 I love having her undivided attention, she tends to be far more chatty and I get to check out her ample chest as she converses with me.

So you can guess just how much work I got done. I was too busy imagining what we could get up to when I go over for dinner. Her being dessert…well, in my dreams. *sigh* Her boyfriend is a lucky bastard and he takes her for granted, when most guys would kill for a girl like her. I suppose some women just go for the bad boys.

Horny was out at a conference in London and stayed over in a hotel Thursday night. She called the office to tell Busty all about it. Apparently they arrived at the hotel in the early evening Thursday and dropped off their bags before going out to dinner.

She made her way to her room to quickly freshen up and as she entered the room realised she wasn’t alone. There was a guy taking a shower in their. She made her apologies to him and left, rather red and surprised.

The hotel apologised for their mistake at issuing the key for a room which was already in use. Busty asked her if he was alright, bearing in mind that she is single and has been for a while. She said that he didn’t float her boat. Shame it could have been a once in a lifetime chance encounter but it wasn’t to be. She just never seems to meet the right man.

Then today when she entered the conference room who should she bump into but the very same guy she saw in the shower the evening before.

Guess what she said…

…you probably guessed right…

…”Oh, I didn’t recognise you with your clothes on”, no wonder she never meets mister right. Lol

He took it in good spirit and laughed.

I need to stay in more hotels…uhmmmm.