Shocking Celebrity Revelations

By | September 13, 2008

Jessica AlbaI found myself looking through the online scandal sheets earlier this evening. That’s a sure sign I’ve had a hard week and my inspiration is a little lacking. Not that I want to feature a celebrity specifically, but because I know that as soon as I start reading the rubbish that appears on such sites I get pissed off enough to kickstart my mind on a new train of thought.

It’s the showbiz equivalent of a jump-start for my brain.

Sadly tonight it didn’t work in the way I intended. Whereas I usually find that the diet of paparazzi photos, judgemental captions and wildly speculative editorial based more on rumour and tarot cards than hard facts usually boils my blood and fires my imagination, tonight it didn’t. I just felt despondent to think that these sites have enough readership to make them profitable. In some cases very profitable.

I’m a big believer that we the public get what we deserve. It’s not my duty or right to say this is what everyone should be reading or that is the film you all should be watching. Tonight I wished I could do that, or at least ban the pointless stream of “look who’s pregnant”, she’s put on a few pounds”, “my secret heartache” and “guess who’s cheating on who” style headlines.

Everyone needs entertainment but is this really entertainment or just a way of ensuring that you never engage your brain?

It made me chuckle when I found the inset picture described as Jessica Alba in “leather straps” in her “BDSM inspired campaign to get American young people voting”. Those are PVC straps and the reason that the caption said leather was either that the writer of the accompanying text didn’t notice or their brain was in cliché mode where BDSM=Leather.

I don’t think I’ll be getting a job at a scandal sheet very soon.

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