Dirty Dungeon Bitches

By | December 30, 2011

It’s a fact that some people are from a very early age predisposed towards a BDSM lifestyle. By inclination, upbringing or a combination of both they know that they need to be sub, Dom, bottom, Top or switch. Thoughout their lives they may struggle to find the right partner and where they fit in within that relationship, they may take years to recognise that the BDSM aspect of their sexuality and personality is just that. However at the end of it all they know that they are different ans special in some way.

What about the rest of us? There are not many couples who have not played BDSM games in the bedroom to a greater or lesser degree. From light bondage to flogging many vanilla couples have played with BDSM themed bedroom fun.

I can remember when we first tried it, years ago. It was well before we got into this sex blogging malarkey and the thought of having two whips and a riding crop at the side of the bed as we have now would have seemed laughable.

How about you guys, when did you adventurous vanillas first try bedroom BDSM?