Living The Dream – Part 6 of 2

By | June 27, 2006

I moved down the bed as Jack backed off and removed spunk filled condom from his prick. Alex was now up on his knees and I slid myself between his legs and took hold of his cock. It was hot with the collection of blood in the tissue. I took my finger and worked a little of his pre cum around the tip, then I began to stroke him. He immediately began to fuck my hand. I made an “O” shape between my middle finger and thumb and he fucked me so hard that I had to use my other hand to steady my make shift pussy.

His eyes went back in to his head and hips kept thrusting. Jack sat on the chair by the bed watching as I brought Alex to his climax. Alex steadied himself with both hands on my shoulders as he fucked away at my hand. His cock thrusting just level with my mouth. I wanted to taste him, wanted to swallow down his cum. He was now pumping me with such vigour that I nearly fell over, he was close. His back started to arch and his nails began to dig into my shoulders.

I opened my mouth just inches from his thrusting cock and stuck out my tongue. Pumping, pumping and then…”Oh my God”. The first spurt of cum ejected from his cock and hit my top lip. Without thought I ran my tongue over my top lip, it was thick and gelatinous, sweet and musky to the taste. I waited as the spurts flew like fireworks from his erection. My tongue caught one of the shots but most landed squarely on my breasts.

Ejaculation over, Alex fell back on to the bed, his head awash with the colours of his synaesthesia. Jack pulled himself out of the chair, right hand stroking his own cock. He sat on the edge of the bed and continued to jerk himself off whilst pulling me closer with his left. I opened my legs around either side of his hips and moved in closer. His tongue traced over my left breast around the nipple and then upwards in to the warm globule of cum resting there.

He licked my breast clean with long stroked of his tongue. Occasionally looking up at me with those dark brown eyes of his. Warm, inviting and mysterious. Everything a girl could ask for, a truly uninhibited sexual being. He continued to stroke himself and lap at my pert bossom. There is something so arousing about watching a guy masturbate, I just love to watch.

Tits now clean he looked up and moved in to kiss me. I hesitated for a moment and then opened my mouth to receive his tongue. He was wearing a very nice aftershave, not too overbearing, a nice clean fragrance. His chin was slightly stubly and rubbed up my chin as he pressed his lips against mine. He kissed quite firmly but not too wet, I don’t like sloppy kissers. His tongue moved around my mouth with certainty, perhaps one acquired over the years. He knew which buttons to press, a seasoned lover.

My need was now driving my head, I wanted to fuck so much. If my pussy could talk it would be purring. No growling loudly, demanding to be fed. I broke away from Jack’s kiss and lay on my side. I grabbed hold of his cock and he loosened his grip. It was semi erect, generous in size and not even up yet! It had the faint aroma of lube and cum. I placed my hand at it’s base and firmly grasped it, trapping the blood and making it firm. A small drop of cum appeared out of the urethra and was taken by my tongue.

I adjusted my grip and pushed my fourth and little finger against his perineum. Jack gasped in agreement. I pulled back his foreskin to reveal his bulging head. Smooth pink and ready for me to take it in my mouth. I blew gently across his exposed glans, making Jack wriggle. Just then Alex began to stir and sat up behind me.

Jack was close to being hard enough to fuck me but just needed a little more tweaking. I pushed my head down in to his lap, mouth open ready to receive him. Forming a pornstar “O” with my lips around his head, I moved on and off his cock just catching the edges of his head against my lips. More pre cum oozed from the tip to be taken by my tongue. Enough of this I needed to taste more of his hard flesh. I pushed my tongue forward and out of my mouth whilst dropping down his erect shaft. My tongue pushing hard against the underside of his erection.

He placed his hands upon my head not pushing me on to him, more caressing me and feeling my long red locks between his fingers. I swallowed him right down and gagged a little as he hit the sphincter at the back of my throat. It takes a while to overcome this reflex but I’m working on it. I bring my head back up his cock and take in some air. Now down I go. I start to fuck him with my mouth and tongue his cock bouncing off the back of my throat leaking salty nectar down my gullet. I fuck and fuck with my head, ribbons of saliva now dangling from my chin as the swallow reflex is overridden.

“I’m close Suze”, Jack exclaimed in a slightly higher voice than the one he had earlier. I backed off, we didn’t want him coming too soon. I turned to look at Alex who was now proudly sporting a huge hardon and the look of a wanton man. I took Jack’s hand and guided him on to the bed, kneeling before me. I moved up on to all fours, pointing my ass at Alex. Subtle I’m not. I felt my ass cheeks being parted and then his cock penetrate my pussy lips.

My lips popped as he pushed himself in to me. This is what I needed so badly. I wanted to be taken, impaled upon his manhood. Carnal biting, scratching, thrusting and howling sex. I have waited so long to be sated, that my desires are now amplified 100 times. I want to scream and buck against him, ensuring that every inch is thrust home.

I feel his hardness against my vaginal walls and I clamp my pussy on to his cock. Those pelvic floor exercises allowing me to almost strangle him. Alex placed his hands on either side of my hips and pulled me back against his pelvis. Jack is now kneeling before me with his cock directly in line with my mouth. I open up to receive him once more. Alex begins to work his erection in and out of my hot hole.

Jack is spurred on by my moans and pushes a little deeper in to my throat. I must not gag, I relax my throat and open it as wide as I can, depressing my tongue to accommodate him. His balls hit my chin and I know that he is fully inside me. He is cleanly shaved like Alex, which makes for easier oral clean up. No pubes stuck in the teeth. “Yes Alex, just there”, I prompted. Jack was now slowly moving in and out of my pursed lips, his hands holding my hair out of the way in two bunches.

We were now synchronised, Alex pushed in to my cunt and Jack thrust in to my mouth. The only problem with this was that each time my pussy was pumped my head was pushed deeper on to Jack. I found myself gagging a few times and my swinging tits were covered in rivers of my own saliva. As Alex fucked my unsupported breasts clanged together like a Jacobs Cradle. Slapping of buttocks against groin and tit against tit adding to the whole wild fucking experience. I had never been spit roast before and my first orgasm was about to hit the shore. “Yes, yes, fuck me deeper”, I shouted as my vaginal walls began to pulse with the orgasmic wave washing over me. My knees began to tremble and I backed off Jack’s cock to take in a breath. Alex kept up the rhythmic fucking and Jacks hard-on slipped free from my mouth and slapped me across my right cheek. Fuck that felt good. Alex kept on fucking.

I opened my mouth wide and recaptured Jack without the use of my hands, which were being used to steady my balance. Jesus, Alex was fucking me like a man possessed and was clearly being fired on by my oral ministrations on Jack. We were working like one well oiled machine in perfect time with simultaneous moans of appreciation accompanying the grinding.

“Suze, I’m about to blow”, exclaimed Jack and he pulled his erection out of my drooling lips. He began to stroke himself in a frenzied fashion, his purple cock screaming out to cum. He pumped it with vigour right in front of my face as Alex continued to take me from behind. His rhythm changed and he thrust his pelvis forward, fingers still clasped firmly around his swollen glans. “Oh, ohhhhh”. With that Jack jettisoned a hot white streak of cum on to my left cheek. Then another followed and landed on my nose, then another and…”Fuck Suze, I love you”, came the pained voice from behind as Alex thrust his last and came inside me.

Jack’s cum began to run down from my nose and I licked my top lip clean. Jack has collapsed before me on the bed, his cock still quite firm and pointing skyward. His hand still grasped around it’s base. Sweat glistening on his bronzed body. Alex slumped across my back and for one moment I had a problem holding his weight. Recognising this he sat back up on to his knees again. I turned my body around and lay back between the two of them on the bed, with my legs dangling off the edge.

“Who fancies a Jacuzzi?”, asked Jack.