Porn? Deal!

By | December 31, 2011

Blonde with purple ball gagIt always amuses me when someone manages to hood wink the media and have another side to them which is naughty.  The last case I read of this was when her out of Eastenders…what’s her name?…you can tell I don’t watch the show…hold on a moment and I’ll find out.

That’s it, Cheryl Fergison created a fictitious family group so she could appear on the show.  Well when I say fictitious, that’s probably a bit too strong.  She basically substituted her mother who is dead for her best friend and her daughter for her sister.  Very complicated I know.

And now I just read that Mr good two shoes Edmunds has been duped on his Deal Or No Deal Show.  I know you probably haven’t heard of it so here’s a link to the site

Contestant Jeanette Burton appeared on the show claiming that her profession was photographer when she was really a XXX star who had a naughty website and several equally naughty videos too.

Great bit of publicity for her and excellent marketing too.  BTW I tried to locate her site to link her to this post but couldn’t, if you happen to find it let me know and I’ll credit you and add the link.  😉