Masturbation And Squirtting In The Kitchen

By | December 31, 2011

AlexSuzeI was making up some Bechamel Sauce for a lasagne this evening when it occurred to me that my wrist wasn’t getting tired. An odd enough thought for most people that something isn’t happening, but think about it. Usually a repetitive action like that will fatigue even the strongest muscles after a while, it’s just the way we are built.

Now admittedly I do have a slim frame so my musculature does tend towards endurance rather than explosive power. That must be part of the answer. However there must be another reason, muscle groups don’t just attain great endurance they have to be worked at.

Then it hit me. Wanking is great practice for using a whisk. I don’t wank at all now. I have someone to do that for me. OK so Suze likes to watch me wank, but if someone’s going to bring me off it’s going to be her and she takes over just as the sap is rising.

It must have been as a boy. You know when you first discover the joys of onanism and begin to exercise your whisking hand constantly. Amazing to think that whether the great chefs of the world regularly practice self abuse they are uniquely equipped to perform the dirty deed due to their constant whisking.

Imagine it now, you can really impress the other half too, and she won’t suspect a thing.

“Omelette dear?” – “Why yes, but you really don’t have to do all the cooking …” – “No, anything for you my sweet.”

“Do you need the blender, the Moulinex is in the cupboard?”

“No, no. Whisking by hand gives cooking the personal touch.”

I’ll have to have a think about this, there must be other activities that benefit your body’s sexual performance in ways that are not immediately apparent.

Hang on, I’m great at giving Suze G-Spot orgasms with two fingers … all that time changing clutches on Mini 1000s paid off – you have to have fingers with tendons of steel and muscles as strong as an orangutan to tighten the cover bolts. He he.