Anal Domination – Part One

By | September 14, 2008

Fem DomLast night I felt like trying something new with Alex, something naughty, dirty, dominating. It must be a side of me that needs to come out every now and then taking over my mind, my thoughts, my being.

It was probably fuelled by the books I’ve been reading lately, including erotic short BDSM stories and my latest book Concertina the story of a dominatrix which I will tell you about later.

I don’t care what anyone says, domination requires a certain amount of paraphernalia and preparation to be able to take place. That is unless you live in a dungeon and we don’t. Lol Never having tried this sexual experience before it took me some time to run through what I would like to do to him…for him to sense and experience, in my head.

Sitting in front of my PC I ran through various scenarios and eventually happened upon the one I liked best. This had to be a sensory experience for both of us, one which fills the senses with smell, sound, touch, hot & cold, stroke and flog, tenderness and limited pain, all a delicious mix of sexual tension.

Of course for this to have maximum impact he had to be blindfolded, this is a summary of what happened, Alex will be writing up his account in the near future when he reviews one of the toys used in the encounter.

I started off by applying a blindfold the a naked Alex laying prostate on the bed before his Mistress Suze. Then I took the red Japanese bondage rope from his drawer next to the bed and bound his wrists, not too tight but enough to contain and control him.

Then I wrapped and knotted the remaining rope to the corner of the bed frame, with just enough tension to allow him to recline on to the bed. He was going nowhere and it excited me to consider that.

Now to collect the items for use on his soft, warm naked form. I left him laying there with no audible stimulation to fill his time. He could only ponder the doors opening and closing downstairs as I gathered my instruments of pleasure and pain. When I returned to the bedroom some minutes later he was laying there patiently awaiting his Mistress like a good sub.

Downstairs I had gathered half a dozen wooden pegs and a handful of frozen peas which I placed in a food bag and tied the top. Upstairs I retrieved the rubber flogger, leather flogger and the nexus vibe from our toy stash.

To be continued…

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