Gothic Sexy

By | September 15, 2008

For some reason I find all things gothic rather sexy. So I’m looking forward to halloween. And of course there’s been a kind of death in the family:

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I have to announce the passing of one of Suze’s most loved companions. They shared so many special moments together, filled with joy and elation.

At the weekend Suze’s Berman Alethia died.

It is no more

It shuffled off this mortal coil

It ran up the curtain and joined the choir invisible

It’s fucking snuffed it

This has left Suze having to rely on a number of other clitoral stimulators for relief. Some old friends have come out of the bedside draw, LOL. It probably didn’t help that she managed to get water inside it whilst cleaning it the other night.

Suze is a little upset, but getting by as best she can. And it has had a lot of use

No flowers. Donations to “Get Suze a new Alethia Fund”.