Suze Needs It Hard

By | September 15, 2008

Cal Exotics Tickle Teaser Clit Stimulator

I just took delivery of a rather unusual dental massaging device. Alright, no I didn’t what I have just been sent by the online store is the new Tickle Teaser from California Exotics. All that sun must make you randy! Lol

It is a vibrating tickler which I think will be fantastic for clit stimulation. Lets get on with the techie bits and then we can get down to the action. 😉

The Tickle Teaser is:

23cm in length and constructed from Silicone in a dual tone pink
Has a soft and flexible head covered in tiny rubber nodules to massage your sensitive areas
Operates 10 functions from vibration and pulsation, through to escalation
Easy to operate push button on/off and function control
Ergonomic shape with easy to hold base and retrieval cord with a heart
It takes 2 x AAA batteries and away you go!

I’ve had a bit of a cold looming for the past week and when the weekend arrived what happened, you guessed it I got the full blown cold, sore throat and all. Hey, no comments about the salty gargle. Lol

I ached all over and did not have the energy to go full on with Alex, I was only firing on half my cylinders and to be quite honest just felt like laying back and taking it. And that is exactly what I did.

We decided to go to bed to stretch out, I had a temperature so my clothes were soon disgarded in a heap at the side of the bed. You could have fried eggs on each of my palms I was that hot.

Despite not being well I still felt as randy as fuck. I will never work this one out, how can you feel so horny when you feel so bad? I’m not sure, but I do like “poorly sex”. 😉 You ache all over but when you come the symptoms seem to dissipate if only for a short while.

I climbed in to bed or should I say flopped in to bed whilst Alex (he is such a sweetie) loaded the DVD player with one of our latest Marc Dorcel videos, the Story of Sophia which has a few hot brunettes in it. 😉

Whilst he was taking care of the viewing I reached in to my drawer for the pjur gel lube and applied a small blob to my clit. Colds can leave me quite dry in between my legs, best to be safe rather than sorry. Alex had already pre loaded my vibe with batteries and I was ready to go.

Taking the vibe between my legs felt exciting. I derive so much pleasure from my clit since discovering clitoral orgasms during my exploits here on the web. It seems like only the other day I was sharing my sensual experiences here and someone pointed out that they were clitoral orgasms I was having.

I pushed the button a few times until I got to the fast and continual vibration mode. I know that one works for me, I find escalation or pulsation modes are good post orgasm to hold me there ready for the next.

The curved head of the vibe helped me locate my sensitive little button quickly and I was able to rest my hand upon my mons to operate the TT so no aching arms. Lol The vibrations were deep and transmitted to the tip of the vibe effectively but for some reason I just wasn’t getting the full effect on my clit.

Next I tried moving the end of the TT from side to side over my swollen and expectant clit. This seemed to be starting to work for me, so I changed to gentle circular massaging and still I was close but not quite there.

By now I was getting a little desperate the TT took me so close to the point of orgasm but just didn’t quite do it for me. Not being one to give in easily I tried moving the head up and down the length of my clit and hood but to no avail.

I got within close proximity of bringing myself off but I just couldn’t quite tip myself over the edge.

In frustration I took out my favourite clit vibe and within seconds came like a steam train, loud, twitching and fully satisfied.

I’m a little disappointed that this toy didn’t seem to work for me because it had a combination of the right things, good shape, angled head, contoured head and easy to operate with it’s push button activation.

It frustrated me so much I sat and thought about why it just didn’t hit the spot in comparison to other toys I have in my collection.

Then it hit me. The head of the Tickle Teaser is so flexible it doesn’t allow much pressure to be transferred to the clit and that is where my other toys succeed, each one allows you to apply pressure and therefore massage your clit with the vibrations.

So for me it is obvious pure vibration stimulation is not the key to me orgasming, it requires pressure too. That said this toy would be ideal for a beginner in clitoral stimulation or someone who likes a gently touch.

Suze has probably played with hers so much that it has become resilient to subtle stimulation. I’m such a bad girl, playing with myself all the time. But then again, Alex likes me that way.