Dark Desires

By | September 16, 2008

I have a theory about dark characters. I think that they are attractive both to men and women because they are so dangerous. That doesn’t mean that everyone will get involved in some way with a bad boy or bad girl, but I think everyone must consider it, even if they don’t admit it to themselves.

It could be the attraction of the forbidden fruit a classic cultural reference that has been enshrined in religion and culture. Or it could be that human beings are naturally thrill seekers who would, even if it’s just for one night, sacrifice the safety of a stable relationship for the excitement and danger such a character promises.

It’s why anti-heroes are so potent. Heroes are boring, too nice, too perfect. How can you be naughty and decadent with someone who is always striving to be good, kind, considerate? They can look dull and monochrome, especially when compared against someone with a rebellious character. In the sickly sweat, nicer than nice superman films of Christopher Reeve the only really interesting aspect of superman was the “bad superman” in Superman III.

Then there’s batman. The camp 1960s offering may be child friendly but they character of batman is only a pale imitation of the original comic strip. Batman is dark, brooding, vengeful, not brightly coloured and uncomplicated. Batman’s attraction is his mystery and the complex web of emotions that make up his psyche. Yes he wants to protect his beloved Gotham against criminals, but who are the criminals and what ends will he go to protect his vision of virtue? And what will the ladies of Gotham do to thank him 😉