I’m Getting Clit Withdrawal

By | September 16, 2008

Alex mentioned yesterday that I have lost a dearly loved and close friend. It’s true what they say, you never know what you have lost until it has gone. I’m certainly in morning for my loss, nothing else can take it’s place.

I’m lost without my Alethia, it always brought me to a quick and powerful orgasm without fail and became one of my favourite toys. It didn’t hit me until it expired just how much I enjoy using it, other toys just aren’t quite the same.

However my toothbrush is coming in as a close second as I indulge myself with my Tingle Tip and My Celebrator, both of whom I have written about in the archives if you want to check them out.

The thing is, it was my fault it died. I washed it as I normally do in antibac soap and I must have been a bit generous with the water and I drowned it. Despite the fact that I know there is no more life in the tiny thing I’m still looking at it laid out on my bedside drawers. It looks like it is laid in state in its tiny piece of toilet tissue.

I simply can’t bring myself to dispose of it.

Perhaps it should be laid to rest in a dignified manner, maybe buried in the garden alongside a goldfish, budgie and other cherished friends. Or do I just cast it away with the rubbish despite its track record of unfailing service in its function to bring ecstasy to womankind.

I’m not sure what to do at the moment…I just know I miss it.