The Nymphomaniac Girls

By | January 9, 2012

Young Harlots Bad BehaviourI was forced to fit a radiator in the study over the Christmas break. To do this I had to remove most of the furniture from the room except Suze’s desk so I could roll back the carpet and get to the pipe work.

I just got round to putting everything back today and decided that rather than just shove everything on the shelves I’d only replace stuff I actually wanted in the room, throw away the stuff I’d been holding onto just in case and box anything else that I really needed but didn’t need to hand.

Great idea until I decided to sort out the DVDs. We have so many DVDs now, porn and mainstream that it’s getting a bit silly. So organisation is the key. I carefully put all my Viv Thomas DVDs to one side, then the Harmony Films stuff and finally the “other” porn houses. Unfortunately while lifting a stack of Harmony titles I dropped two of them in the bucket of detergent I had been using to wipe down the shelves.

So I know have a moist “Tori Black Nymphomaniac” and a group of rather mature schoolgirls in “Young Harlots Bad Behaviour” with very wet clothing. A quick rinse has removed any detergent from the DVDs but sadly the paper sleeves look a bit wrinkly 🙁

Ah well, not to worry they will at least still play. Try doing that to a VHS cassette!