By | January 9, 2012

Titty FuckingSomething we don’t tend to do very often and should is titty fucking.  It’s not so many years ago that I found it difficult to create a ravine between my petite breasts which was large enough to enfold around Alex’s cock.

I used to push my small fleshy mounds towards each other as firmly as I could but they didn’t really make a substantial crevice for him to move his cock in and out of.  We did it and he enjoyed it but not as much as now.

The other night I felt so damn horny and rather than taking him in my mouth and sucking his cock I decided to get him to straddle me and place his cock on my sternum between my boobs.  I’ll add at this point he was more than willing his cock bouncing giddily up and down as he manoeuvred between my fleshy mounds.

Before we started I spat on my fingers and encircled his throbbing head with my saliva, moistening ready for that titty action.  He was glimmering as he slipped between my makeshift masturbator.  I pushed my breasts together totally encasing his hard cock.

It felt good to capture him between my titties.  There was nothing to be seen of Alex’s cock as it sat there waiting to break out in to the light.  Alex started push gently forward until the shiny end of his cock emerged from between my pink flesh.

He pulled back in between them and emerged a little quicker the next time.  As he emerged for the second time I bent my head forward and spat at his helmet and he withdrew taking a large blob of saliva deep within.

Alex was now getting in to this and started to fuck me more deliberately and it started to add a little jiggle as he thrust in and out.  Eagerly I watched as he moved in and out of me, my pussy pulsing with the rush of blood.  It would have to wait my hands were preoccupied wanking this hard cock.

His cock had started to drag so I spat again as he broke free.  He pumped in and out, in and out.  My pussy tingled, I felt moist and started to rub my thighs together trapping my lips and massaging my sex.

I spat again and continued to rub my breasts against him.  He quickened pace and began to moan a sure sign that it wouldn’t be long before he was going to explode.  A few more thrusts accompanied and he started to growl like a beast. I contorted and writhed rubbing my thighs together even more vigorously to stimulate my swollen pussy.

One more push towards me and I watched as his eye opened jettisoning cum on to my neck.  Again and again he spurted like a geyser on to my tits, face and chest.  When the final drop had been released I scooped up a glutenous blob with my index finger and brought it to my lips.

Alex looked down on at me panting, chest heaving and mouthed the words…”you dirty bitch”.

Yes I am.  😉