Drinking A Woman In

By | January 9, 2012

AlexSuzeWomen are like wine.

Clichéd as it is the analogy is quite a good one I think.

I’ve never been fond of Beaujolais, it’s like a giggling schoolgirl lacking in depth and variable in quality. I was always one for the thoughtful girls at school. The ones with a little more character, understated and more satisfying.

Nor have I ever been one for Champagne. Over-priced and full of itself, bubbly, but bubbling with what? Champagne is transient, expensive and leaves you with a hangover. Like a businessman’s fling Champagne will leave a painful aftermath. Just like when your wife finds out about the office junior you’ve been screwing and starts looking for a good lawyer.

Then there’s the Cava. Now that’s a little more to my taste, like a passionate affair in Andalucía with a raven haired flamenco dancer. Hold that though a moment … hold it … I am … back now. LOL

Chardonnay used to be de rigeuer at any social gathering. Very fashionable. Though while there are some excellent Chardonnays out there, mainly from South America, California and Australia the grape has had its day and has become a little passé, like shoulder pads. Almost retro even, like a woman who found herself at the height of fashion, then forgot to move on.

Personally I like a nice rounded red, preferably a Cabernet Sauvignon like Hardy’s, full of life coupled with a maturity that really knows how to satisfy.

I suppose a swinger’s party must be like a wine tasting. Which of course begs the question, at such an event, should you spit or swallow?