Public Nudity At Large

By | September 16, 2008

Work is underway on restoring the Cerne Abbas chalk giant on the Dorset hills. I noted that the interview given to the woman on the BBC made reference to starting on his club first. Carefully avoiding the obvious. You can see the interview here.

I found this extract relating to his conception and other information here. The origins of the Giant are a mix of fact and speculation. Some believe that he represents the Roman god, Hercules, and is over 1500 years old. However, there is no known historical record about him before 1694 and it has been argued that he is more recent and a caricature of any one of a number of possible historical figures. Whatever the truth, he is now a Scheduled Ancient Monument in the care of The National Trust.

The restoration work which involves scraping the grass and old chalk out of the trenches is expected to be completed by next Sunday. So he should have a nice white glowing cock by then.

Tell me is England the only place that you can get away with a huge 180ft naked man on a hillside with a hardon?