A Good Hard Fuck

By | January 10, 2012

Alex and I had a great evening on Saturday watching Ashes to Ashes on DVD and just relaxing.  Longing to be back in the 80’s when guys dressed smartly and the music was so good.  It would mean me having to perm my auburn locks just like I did back then but it would be wonderful to go back if only for a week.

As the David Bowie played and the titles ran up the screen Alex planted a deep passionate, lustful kiss on my lips and before I knew what was happening he was probing hid tongue deep in to my mouth.

He climbed on top of me parting my legs with his knee continuing to kiss me hard and with such urgency.  I felt myself becoming excited as the pulsing between my legs grew and his entry in to me was eased by the wetness I now exuded.

I felt dirty, lecherous, salacious and ready for Alex to fuck me.  As he pushed his hard cock inside me I gasped in to his mouth, he was so hard and his girth took me by surprise.  Our lips parted and I moaned my appreciation as he started to fuck me with long, deliberate thrusts.

“Yes”, I urged him raising my hips to meet his, tilting my pelvic girdle for maximum g-spot stimulation.  That felt so good as he passed over me, massaging that sensitive bundle of nerves.

Reaching around him I took hold of both his buttocks in my hands pulling him deep in to me.  That was the trigger…just like a horse bolting out of confinement Alex started to pummel me so hard and deep that he made contact with my cervix and I yelped.

He was thrusting faster and faster and I was bucking forcing him deeper inside me, we were moving together like a well oiled machine in perfect synchrony.  I came and felt my body tremble as my orgasm ripped through me.

Alex was unrelenting and continued his vigorous onslaught, panting, groaning, grinding in to me.  Once more I felt the tell tale tingling and tensing of my internal walls as yet another orgasm grew, moments later I was quivering and limp.

Then with an almighty growl and I body slamming thrust he rammed in to me as deep as he could, narrowly missing the headboard as our bodies collided.  He came his body wracked with pleasure as he spurted cum inside me with each accompanying twitch of his body.

It’s a long time since we fucked so passionately, spontaneously, carnally…it was so good.