Bad Men Turn Me On

By | September 16, 2008

Alex reminded me with his Batman/bad man post that there is a certain amount of appeal to a girl in a guy with menacing undertones. I don’t think it is particularly that you like to be mistreated but that you get a sense of protective ability in a man who has a side to him.

And all girls like to feel protected and cared for. If he has a bad side then he will be able to fight for your honour, save you from the evils of the world. Yes, I think that is what really turns me on, although I can’t speak for all the ladies out there.

I recall as a child watching with desire a masked Batman and thinking he was such a hunk. You could only make out his eyes and chin but he looked so arousing. The Batman I was lusting after featured in the series, not the films.

His name was Adam West. They used to show the series on a Saturday morning on television for kids to watch whilst their parents has a lie in. I would be glued to the television most Saturdays watching him fight for justice.

It was the same with Zorro, I used to have a thing for him too. Again you could only make out his eyes and lower face but he used to have a strange effect on me too.

This raises the question, is it more about what you don’t see than what you do? The allure of the unknown, the unseen.

Later on in my late teens I had a similar experience. I used to stand at the bus stop near my home regularly on a Friday night to go out to the local youth club. Almost every Friday for several weeks a guy would drive past me and turn his head to ensure I knew he was eyeing me up.

Because of his tinted visor he was always out of reach visually. To be honest I loved the whole thing and would spend many a happy hour day dreaming about him and how he would sweep me off my feet one day.

That day finally came. He was an ex-boyfriend, who as it happens treated me appallingly and I ended up going out with him again. It didn’t last long, he was the same philandering guy I knew from before.

Even today I’m still drawn to the masked crusader.