Anal Sex For Us

By | January 10, 2012

When Alex receives toys to test I love getting involved.  Wanking him off with a new masturbator is really enjoyable, it arouses me just as much as him.  Something to do with the power over a man to make him come I suppose.  It gets me hot knowing that I can give him such pleasure.

I’m also tremendously aroused when helping him with his anal toys.  Just thinking about the very act of lubing up a butt plug and slowly opening his ass to receive it gets my juices flowing.  Pushing against his puckered asshole until it relaxes and allows me to enter him. Hmmmm.

Watching the powerful pull of his sphincter muscles grasping the plug, taking it deeper inside him.  Having him on all fours before me issuing deep moans, back arched, head back.  I know I’m taking him and he’s in ecstacy.

I never had the opportunity with previous relationships to enjoy this aspect of sex and I’m so pleased that he is open minded just like me and willing to try new things.  I’m so lucky I’ve had the chance to experience the pleasures of pegging my man.  🙂

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