Practical Masturbation For Girls

By | January 10, 2012

Finger FuckI’m sharing an observation with you, running an idea by you to see what your opinion on this is.  I watch porn…no, I watch an awful lot of porn.  Is awful the right word?  Any way I watch and review more porn than most laymen do.  Lol

All in the course of my work you understand.

It occurred has occurred to me on several occasions that the girls have totally impractical nails to either run themselves off or penetrate.  They tend to be far too long and whilst looking good are so not what you want finger fucking you or massaging your clit (just in case one should graze your sensitive flesh).

I tend to keep my nails neatly trimmed for two reasons, I do a lot of typing and I like to finger myself.  I can’t see myself any time soon possessing nails like those over there.  But then again I’ve always been a practical girl.  😉