Busty’s Lusty Shopping Trips – Pork & Perving

By | September 17, 2008

Busty now does her shopping during her lunch break in the local mall. The problem with this is that it is costing her slightly more than she spends in her local supermarket as the shop, not naming any names carries quality food at quality prices. That’ll be M & S. Lol

On the last couple of occasions she has returned from her lunch break remarking that the security guy who works for the shop has been following her. She said “You know how you are aware that someone is following you. Well I turned around to check who it was and the security guy was a few paces away and turned quickly to look at some biscuits as I turned”. It was obvious that he just picked up the packet because I turned”.

I offered at the time that he may be watching her for shop lifting as she frequented the shop so often and looked a bit dodgy. 🙂 But as the days have gone by this guy has been saying hello to her and then the other day he actually let her know which shifts he was working. A sure sign that he is doing more than watching her shopping habits.

Suze pointed this out to her but she is so nice and will say hi to anyone that she doesn’t seem to realise that taking an interest can sometimes be misinterpreted as being interested in the guy concerned. She was a bit freaked by my suggestion that this guy seems to have more than a professional interest in her. However I do feel a certain amount of protective interest for her, after all I do fancy the pants and bra of her. ;0

The things she gets up to while browsing the cold meats, the pork, the sausages …

Sometimes I feel like I am far more street wise than her and I just want to take her in my arms and mother her but it would look a little bit strange in the office if I did. Aren’t some people so sweet? 😉