Holly Willoughby Does It Doggy Style

By | January 11, 2012

Holly WilloughbyWhy or why don’t I watch Good Morning?  I’ve said it before when I realised I’ve missed an interesting article and I missed yesterday’s gaff by the gorgeous Holly Willoughby.

Apparently she is known for her mispronunciations and yesterday’s was a killer.  She was in the kitchen with the gorgeous Gino D’Acampo cooking of all ingredients pork,  lol when she said they were cooking it with pecorina cheese.

It should have been pecorino, which tastes very much like parmesan but doesn’t command such a high price tag.  The problem with slip of the tongue was that there is such a word and when translated it means something all together different to cheese.

I can well understand how she may have been distracted by Gino and knowing what the word translates to I can only say how appropriate it was.

Because pecorina means doggy style.   Hmmm, yes please Gino I’ll have some of what Holly’s having.  😉