Good Sex, Masturbation, Oral And Anal

By | September 17, 2008

What is good sex. Or perhaps more accurately, what is virtuous and acceptable in the eyes of other people?

That of course depends on your point of view, which in turn depends on your beliefs and upbringing.

If the traditional “western” religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam sex should only take place between two adults of different sexes in a committed relationship – that is marriage. The only sex that seems to be truly virtuous in the eyes of those faiths is that for the purposes of procreation. So that would be vaginal sex.

Anal sex is a taboo, indeed specifically prohibited. The term sodomy comes directly from the religious belief that God smote the inhabitants of Sodom and Gamorrah for their sinful ways, including man-on-man anal sex. It’s one of those sexual practices that is totally unacceptable if you’re strictly religious and unpalatable to many people because they have been brought up in societies where the predominant religion is one of the three mentioned above. Even if you’re agnostic the society that you’ve been brought up in probably has an in-built aversion to anal sex.

Strangely though I have heard of women who only indulge in anal sex, saving themselves (or specifically saving their vagina) for their husband on their wedding night.

I’m not aware of any specific religious objection to oral sex, though as it can be viewed as being purely for pleasure it falls under the category of sinful simply because it’s unlikely you’ll get pregnant doing it.

Then of course there is masturbation. Since Onan “Spilled his seed on the ground” ejaculation outside of a woman has been seen as sinful, and unclean. This stems again from the general belief that if the end result of sexual activity isn’t the chance that a woman is going to get pregnant then something is horribly wrong.

Society has built up all sorts of myths around masturbation. Developing hairy palms, going blind and the small inconvenience of eternal damnation in the deepest pits of hell have done nothing to stop people cracking one off.

Good sex and bad sex are all a matter of perspective. LOL