What Girls Get up to On Their Own

By | September 17, 2008

Leaving Suze on her own usually involves her getting distracted when she’s at home. She’s hard working, a perfectionist and therefore a bloody pain in the butt. However that means she tends to get things done.

The one thing that will distract her from anything is her sex drive. That’s exactly what happened yesterday when she decided to spend a little time testing out a new toy that one of our suppliers had sent us. The Pleasure Top review her acquiescence to her libido generated can be found over here at Sex Toys Buzz.

It’s funny what distracts you from your work. If you have a boring job distraction can come from almost anywhere. The more interesting the job at hand the less likely that you’ll get distracted of course. Or, the more powerful the distraction has to be before you’ll be dragged away from the thing you’re supposed to be doing.

That’s probably why porn is such a draw for home tele-workers. It is most common reason for the erosion of productivity in staff who have been given the opportunity to work from home and discard the drudgery of the daily commute to and from work. It’s a pity because it would save me at least ten hours a week not to have to drive to the office/clients. Not to mention the money save in fuel and running costs, plus the damage to the planet avoided. And so what it if I occasionally check my personal emails, so long as I made the time up to the company.

I can dream can’t I?