Fuck Isn’t That A Pornstar?

By | September 18, 2008

Annette SchwartzAlex and I lay back this evening to watch some pre fuck porn on the DVD player. We had visited the Adult Store last Sunday and purchase a couple of titles. One of which Alex will review and the other one we put on for the first scene just this evening.

The first scene began, a blonde girl in a maids outfit inserts a butt plug in to herself, climbs up on to the long dining table and starts to crawl. She is making her way up to a guy dressed for dinner at the other end.

As the camera looks at her face fast approaching him you see the image of another guy at the other end of the table. Uhm, no prizes for guessing what we are going to be part of here. 😉

The DVD is Scarlet Women from Harmony Films, normally a good source of porn. I say normally because I found this scene particularly lengthy and boring. Then it became a little more interesting as I realised exactly who the girl in the shot was.

It was Annette Schwarz…and I recognised her. She registered on Adult Blog Hub Professional a few weeks ago. Now, what is the chance of that happening? I shouted out to Alex “I know her!”. And after I looked her up I realised exactly why. You are in good company over at Adult Blog Hub. 😉

I must say Annette can’t half devour some cockage… 😉

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