Geek Chic

By | January 15, 2012

Geek ChickIs Tech sexy?

I’m coming to the conclusion that Geek is most definitely sexy for some people. To be specific Geek girls, in glasses, doing the looking up at the camera MySpace picture – that is becoming a definite Internet fetish for some consumers of Internet content. It’s an extension of library fetish that’s been around for decades. You know, stern librarian takes off glasses and shakes loose hair before grabbing you, ripping off your clothes and demanding a good hard seeing to.

But what I’m actually talking about is the change in attitude towards people who are technologically skilled, especially on the web. When I started out the software developers and hardware geeks were not the most popular guys in school. And there’s another thing. It was mainly guys.

Pauley PerretteNow it seems that it’s cool to be techy. Then again tech is now in every home, every car and even in everyone’s pocket. Increasingly powerful desktop, laptop and mobile devices mean that you don’t have to have a PhD to operate or programme one albeit at a basic level. So as tech passes from the land of white coats into the living room so spotty nerds with no female friends to speak of are becoming a thing of the past too.

Any girls out there into techy guys? Email … LOL

There also seems to be a cross-over from geek to goth on the web. I’m not complaining, just making an observation