Anal Domination – Part Two

By | September 18, 2008

You can read part one of this post here.

One thing I should have considered when binding Alex was how free he was to move in to certain positions whilst being teased and tormented. Although not tied tightly he was restricted to laying on his side slightly over on to his stomach. Because I had bound him to the foot of the bed he couldn’t move his arms to a position which allowed him fully on to his stomach.

Point noted for next time!

I could still get good access to him front and back and he was able to recline on to the bed so I left things as they were. His tight little ass looked so inviting, round, white and firm. I took hold of the Paddle which was laying conveniently at the side of the bed.

Well it’s more like a small leather tipped whip, a crop, that’s the name I was desperately searching for. Which cheek would I land it on first. His left cheek was easily accessible and presented closest to me. I gave him one quick sharp tap with the crop and his body tensed slightly. Then another. Then two spanks on his right cheek in quick succession.

Then I gently rubbed his bare flesh with the palm of my hand, soothing the sting. Alex moaned, he was clearly enjoying this experience. I parted his legs slightly and took up the small package of frozen peas and gently placed them on his perineum. He squirmed and savoured the contrast between his stinging cheeks and the cold.

I left the package resting against him and took up the rubber whip which I glided over his side, it’s rubber tentacles caressing him as it descended towards his ass. The rubber hugged his as cheek before being brought down across it with a flick of my wrist.

At this juncture I will point out that non of the implements used by us inflict severe pain or leave marks, we are more in to the gentler side of things rather than being brutal. After all BDSM for us is about sensory stimulation and expectation.

Alex was really warming to the experience and groaning deep down in his throat. I took hold of the ice pack and ran it up and down his now stiffening cock, whilst gliding the rubber stands over his body. It really was working.

Then I picked up one of the wooden pegs and clamped it to his left nipple, gently letting the two ends come together. Neither of us had tried this before and I felt a sense of relief that he could take the pain as I removed my fingers from the wood.

Placing the ice pack on one side I took to spanking his ass again this time using the leather whip. The leather stands are very light in weight and only deliver a light blow but it feels good as the strands hit naked flesh.

At this point Alex had to concede that he couldn’t stand the peg on his nipple any more and I removed it. I suppose I got a little ambitious there, this being our first real session. 😉

I took the Nexus Vibro and the Pjur lube from the bed near to Alex’s head where they had been patiently waiting and squoze a generous blob on to the tip and a my finger. Using my finger I rubbed the lube around his anus to prepare him for me.

The Nexus slid in with a little resistance but with gentle waggling it worked up inside him and I watched as he sucked it inside him. That always turns me on, watching a tight anus pull in a toy. Uhm…where was I?

His cock was now hard, I grasped it and started to gently wank him with my left hand. He rolled over on to his back and continuing to masturbate him I straddled his body. Pre cum oozed from it tip, I collected it up on my finger raising it up to my mouth. I vocalised my delight at the taste, slapping my tongue against the roof of my mouth. A smile played on Alex’s lips.

Guiding his cock in to me I sat on him, knees either side of his hips. His cock filled me right to the very back as I bottomed out on his groin. Then I started to move up and down on him, leaning slightly forward so he could feel my breasts brush against him with each stroke.

A few strokes cowgirl and I lifted and turned to untie the rope at the foot of the bed. Once released he managed to wriggle his wrists free and took hold of both my hips as I bounced up and down on his hardon.

He removed the blindfold discarding it on to the bedroom floor and started to fuck in time with me. The additional penetrative force brought me to orgasm and I moaned biting down on my lip stifling the noise from the neighbours.

Alex was now edging closer to orgasm I could sense it in his posture and his cock was twitching inside me. Then with an almighty roar he shot his cum deep inside me. He twitched and jerked every last drop of come out of his cock and in to my pussy.

I eased myself off his softening cock and next to him on the bed. He turned to me smiling and remarked, “That was something else!”

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