Naked Sexy Savageness

By | January 16, 2012

Robbie SavageIt’s only a few weeks ago that I watched the series of Strictly Come Dancing come to an end and the wonderful Harry from Mc Fly take the glitter ball along with the sassy, sexy Aliona.

I always think it’s a bit of an anti climax when you religiously enjoy tuning in to a program week after wee to see who fledges and who remains an ugly duckling and it comes to an abrupt end.  Then to add to that feeling that something is missing from your Saturday night viewing the Beeb put nothing interesting on the schedule to fill the slot.

Speaking of filling my slot…the reason for this post is because I spotted the very naughty Mr Savage wearing his golden locks and nothing else in his spread for Cosmopolitan.  Bear in mind when you ogle My Savage’s naked form that he hasn’t just done this to show off his toned 6’ 1” frame but to raise awareness for Everyman’s cancer campaign.

Yep, I think he sent the message home to me.  😉