Hard Rockin’ Pornstar

By | September 19, 2008
 Kim KaneI was looking around on the internet the other evening and discovered Miss Kimberley Kane. She is a very attractive pornstar but it also struck me that she bears a strong resemblance to someone in the mainstream isn’t an adult actress.Yes, it’s Sharon Osborne. Can you see the likeness?

I knew she looked like someone straightaway but I just couldn’t quite put my finger on who. They both have the same eyes and facial shape, well Sharon did when she was a bit younger.

I wonder if Sharon ever did a bit of naughty video in her younger rock and roll days? I have to confess that Alex and I have some special footage taken when we hadn’t been together for long.

It looked a bit wooden and he had to keep getting off the bed to make adjustments to the camera angle but it’s still a good bit of amateur porn.

We should dig it out of the cupboard one day and give it an airing. Would you like to come over and watch it too? 😉

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 Sharon Osborn