Hot Mediterranean Lovin’

By | January 17, 2012

The SheikOne of the things that often gets men and women going sexually is the thought of sex in exotic places or with exotic people.

Take Rudolph Valentino playing the title role in the 1921 film “The Sheik” millions of otherwise very sensible women went weak at the knees on seeing that film. The though of being transported off by some olive skinned mysterious lover had an appeal that even the social etiquette of the day couldn’t stifle. Maybe it was the real start of the sexual emancipation of women. Certainly through the 1920s women in the west began to gain more confidence and the ability to express themselves in all ways without the written consent of their husbands.

A common predilection in this century is western men’s attraction to eastern women. The exact reason why any individual would find an oriental mate so attractive do vary from person to person and I would contend are a combination of the generally petite nature of eastern females, dark hair, subtly different eye shape and for some westerners the perception that eastern girls are submissive, subservient and can be treated with less respect than western women. That may or may not be true but sadly I do think it forms part of the thinking of some western males.

But back to my original point, yes there is one. What about the other way around?

Do eastern men and women want to get jiggy with western men and women for the same reasons? Do they have different reason for lusting after white Europeans, or do they not lust after us at all and find us not in the least bit “exotic”. I can’t answer that question being a straight forward white Anglo-Saxon male with a dash of Iberian blood. Can anyone out there fill me in?