Off With The Panties This One’s On Me

By | September 19, 2008

I just read that the latest event to pull in the punters over in Aus is to ask them to remove their panties in exchange for vouchers.

The Saint Hotel in St Kilda, Melbourne is offering it’s lady drinkers the chance to win a £22 drinks voucher if they remove their underwear in an event called “No Undie Sundie”.

Mayor Janet Cribbs had condemned the event claiming that it is sexist and encourages irresponsible drinking.

Apparently the same hotel found itself in trouble in June when they featured a dwarf serving alcohol. You have to take your hats off to them for trying don’t you. As more and more local hostileries shutdown over here due to lack of patrons, there could be a lesson in it for them.

May we see such events taking place in bars over here. Maybe not we tend to be slightly more reserved, that is until we get a drink or two inside us. Lol