Fuck Me This Way Then That

By | January 18, 2012

AssNormally when Alex and I do the do I’m sure you are all aware that we end up doing it doggy because of the deep penetration and g-spot massage.

Over the past few nights I have been working on revisiting the missionary position and adding a new twist to it.  After all it is most probably the commonest position to have sex in but can sometimes be a little underwhelming.

Well this evening I added a little leg raising, something again that I don’t tend to do because of Alex’s length.  Not that I’m bragging but he certainly isn’t small in that department and therefore making my internal space even smaller makes for a great deal of cervical contact and can be a little uncomfortable.

This evening after a bit of 69 action which resulted in me deep throating Alex as he crouched over me. We assumed the missionary position before Alex came.  He told me several times that he needed to break free of my oral ministrations before he came prematurely in my mouth.

I spread my legs and Alex pushed inside me, remarking how wet I was.  He started to thrust in and out and I almost instinctively brought my legs up.  Things felt comfortable down there and I wanted to take him deeper.

My legs bounced in the air in time to the rhythmic fucking and I decided to tether them, grabbing the back of my knees.  This felt so good, his hardon was making perfect contact and friction on my g-spot and I felt like I needed to pee.  A sure sign the alignment is correct.

But I wanted to feel him even deeper and present my cunt to him.  I changed my grip, this time holding my ankles in each hand.  It added to my arousal and excitement that I knew he would also have the perfect view of my anus which would probably be opening slightly.  Inviting him in 😉

By this point I must have orgasmed at least 3 times and he was so slick moving in and out of me, my aromas filled the air with a musky essence of sex.  Alex was well in to his stride, with that familiar pained look of sheer enjoyment on his face.

Feeling as randy as I did made me want to masturbate for him (and me) but how could I do that with an ankle firmly gripped in each hand and Alex going at me like a jackhammer.  That was my moment of sexual inspiration.  I placed the soles of my feet together and took a firm hold of them in my left hand.

This gave me a free hand to flick my clit.  I sucked my right middle finger (the one with the shortest nail) and deployed it to my swollen clitoris.  As soon as I made contact my nerve endings started to tingle.

Alex picked up pace watching me massage my clit, moaning like a dirty whore beneath him.  His rapid breathing and guttural moans heralded his orgasm which came swiftly and violently as he speared me on his cock.  Thrusting so deep that I braced myself for cervical contact.  He didn’t but squirted round after round of glutinous ammunition inside me as I licked my fingers clean.

Just think of the possibilities if I start doing yoga…