Sluts And Angels

By | January 18, 2012

I’m all for strong women, but I had a thought just now that made me consider if the way in which some women react to some men isn’t doing more harm than good.

Take this example. It’s easy for a woman in a male environment, such as some workplaces, to be intimidated and taken advantage of. I don’t mean sexually, I am talking about the sort of endemic sexism that leads to the installation of a glass ceiling in some firms where the female members of staff can’t rise above a certain level, thus protecting the positions of men higher up the organisation. I know it doesn’t happen as much as it did but it’s still the case in come companies.

A few decades ago women would have to become accustomed to their lot and put up with the fact that they could not progress beyond a certain level. Then came the assertive women who pushed until men were forced to concede that women can (with limitations only imposed by the fact they are by nature of their genetics on the whole less strong than men) do whatever job a man can, just as well as a man can. Men resented this and while institutionalised sexism has waned, a subversive and corrosive form of silent sexism tried to replace it.

The next solution adopted by some women was to become a ladette, to work, play and screw as hard as the guys. This was different, but after a while you did have to ask the question, apart from the obvious physical differences what differentiates a man from a woman?

I always feel that taken to the extreme this sort of behaviour swaps the old shackles and restraints of the misogynistic past for new chains forged by the women themselves. Being expected to drink as much as the lads, watch football and be very loud means that women loose their femininity.

What is a woman without their female attributes? If a woman wants to drink, fine, if they like football fine. But to give up all that is female in order to be accepted is to deceive yourself.

Luckily I think we’re seeing a bit of a backlash against this trend in some quarters. Women aren’t feeling as great a pressure to conform to the ladette stereotype and are becoming women again.

So this summer I’m looking forward to summer dresses and demur ladies who know how to be refined, know how to flutter their eyelashes seductively … oh, and know how to fuck like rabbits when the mood takes them.