Porn Girls And Boys

By | January 18, 2012

SuckIt can sometimes be very difficult to keep track of porn stars. For one reason or another they often use different on-screen names. It might be because they have a different persona for different genres, or when they film with a new studio but whatever the reason it becomes a feat of memory to keep up with them all.

At least when they are credited in a movie you know their name. Occasionally the girls in porn films are not. Be it because the editors don’t get the information or because of human error some girls get missed off the credits.

With the guys the situation is somewhat different. It seems to be more common for guys to be nameless when they appear, sometimes even faceless too. I think the rationale behind this is that if the (male) viewers don’t identify the cocks they are less intrusive and they feel like there’s nothing between the viewer and the girls. But it actually pisses me off somewhat.

I don’t get off on watching the guys, being straight myself, but I do like to see a good performance which incorporates vigour, inventiveness and attention to the female(s) in the scene. If I don’t know who’s in the DVD how can I select one that I’m going to enjoy?

In addition there are an increasing number of women who watch pornography, alone and with their partners. It’s impossible for them to identify the studs that give the performance they find exciting when presented by a shelf full of unnamed cock in the DVD store.

Come on studios, credit where it’s due. Literally.