My Cock In Her Hand

By | September 19, 2008

AlexSuzeI had a really weird morning. I woke at 05:10 and misread the alarm clock though bleary eyes. I normally rise an hour later but thinking it was time to get up I stumbled down stairs, with the cat trying to trip me up as usual. When I returned to bed, tea and toast in hand, Suze asked “What are you getting up at this time for?”

I looked at the clock and realised my mistake. I turned on the TV for light and muted the volume to allow Suze to drift off back to sleep and ate in silence. I moved the alarm forward to give myself as much time in bed as I could and went to sleep.

When I was awoken by the alarm, for real this time, I knew I had to get up, perform my daily ablutions and get straight to work. I rolled onto my back and felt Suze’s hand reach for my groin. It’s a kind of reflex action with her.

“Wow!” she exclaimed, “Do you have to get up? That’s a lovely hardon.”

And it was. Morning wood of the finest quality. Sadly however me and my stiff member had to go to the bathroom to attend to my teeth and a swift wash. I walked around the bottom of the bed, cock waving in front of me with Suze’s eyes following me until I left the bedroom.

Luckily this evening I got home to find that when we slipped into bed after dinner for a ten minute restorative nap my ardour soon returned. We’re really run down at the moment and I was hugely surprised that the fatigue of a week compounded by the dreaded common cold virus seemed to melt away as we lay there. My cock sprang to attention and found an eager and attentive worshipper in Suze.

Waking from a very brief doze we were both randy and decided that having being forced to allow this morning’s erection to fade away we weren’t going to let the same thing happen again.

Suze had hold of my cock and wasn’t about to let go. She stroked it lovingly with her hand, circled it with her fingers and rubbed the end with her fingertips. I felt her reach down and cup my balls, then stroke my perineum with her nails. I was dribbling, precum smearing itself onto her hand.

I rolled onto my side, allowing me to slip my hand between her legs and invade her already moist labia with a saliva lubricated finger. We slowly teased each other for a few minutes until I headed south and let my tongue stimulate her in a way that no finger could. Lapping licking and sucking soon had my face covered in her gorgeous scent.

Wanting to let her taste it and eager to enter her I slid back up the bed and kissed her. Suze smelt herself and returned my kiss deep and tongue filled, drinking herself in. I slid over her thigh and between her legs. My quivering member headed for her opening, guided unerringly towards its destination.

I slip inside between swollen lips reaching the back of her and stretching her pussy. She almost squealed at the size of me. My abstinence this morning was obviously paying dividends now, making my arousal hard and huge. Well more than big enough for Suze. We screwed missionary for a few moments, I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide, then closed he legs and rolled her onto one side, my cock still slipping in and out of her hot passage.

Suze slid her lower leg under me, prompting me to straddle it and press deeper into her. She buried her head into the pillow and moaned a series of joyous moans, cumming two or three times in one long wave of orgasms that lasted several minutes.

Her thighs were wet, my cock and balls felt soaked with the moisture from her pussy. I felt the orgasm rushing outward from my groin and held it there, one stroke, two, three … ten eleven twelve … but eventually I had to release it. I punched the bed, growling and thrashing, the only stationary part of my body was my cock buried inside Suze. My back arched and a blue-white wave tore through me.