Hole In The Wall – The Glory Hole?

By | September 21, 2008

 Dale WintonIf I was head of programming at the BBC and someone had come up to me, lets say in the pub, and suggested the format for this programme I would have laughed so loud. Form some reason the powers that be decided that this should go ahead and screened the first of the series tonight.

For one moment I didn’t believe we had the television tuned in to BBC1.

Right, let me fill you in on the concept for the show. It’s hosted by Dale Winton and I’m sorry but the association with “Hole In The Wall” and glory hole took over my thought processes. For none UK readers, Dale is an openly gay man.

Now lets move on to the attire participants in the show have to wear. How does a silver Lycra all in one suit you? And lets not forget that the show contestants are both male and female. Sound bad? Well you haven’t heard the worst yet. Lol

The premise for the show is that the contestant clad in silver Lurex stands on a bridge between a pool of water and a wall which appears from nowhere and sweeps the ground towards them.

In the middle of this wall is a cut-out of a shape the contestant must make to fit through that hole and therefore avoid being pushed in to the water. This programme is cringe worthy and to add insult to injury, when the participant finally manages to clamber out of the pool they then have to stand with their fellow contestants dripping wet and cold.

I don’t know who dreamt up this bloody show but they need shooting. The only redeeming factor was that I could check out the guys for cock bulge and the girls for nippleage. Come on BBC I’m sure you can do better than this. 🙂

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