Public Sexuality

By | January 22, 2012

Sexy CoupleBecoming What You Want Me To Be

Alex and I have been writing here now for almost five years. During that time we hope that you have felt inclusive in our relationship because that is what we intended right from the start. We will continue to write as long as we enjoy writing.

That said, what we do write is taken from our lives without embellishment. We occasionally change times, places and names for the purposes of preserving anonymity but otherwise what you see is what you get. That is why we don’t claim to have participated in swinging, dogging or other “interesting” sexual activities. This site is following our lives not the fantasies we would like you to think we have. But if we do fantasise and when we do we’ll tell you it’s a fantasy.

It is for that reason that we are one of the longest standing sex blogs out in the blogosphere.

And lets face it, it’s easy to claim that you regularly swing or advertise for a “third” in your relationship. I suppose it can be great fun to play with the idea. That’s not we are about. This site is a true chronicle of our lives together and not a work of fiction. And if you really are into swinging or polyamory it would be patronising or even plain insulting to claim we were into that if we weren’t.

Over the years we have seen various bloggers revert to the popular, like hanging out on social networking sites and all of a sudden developing an interest in something they have never cared for. It doesn’t ring true and thankfully those sort of blogs and bloggers tend to disappear after a few weeks of months of activity.

I think I’m a dirty enough bitch without embellishment don’t you?